A guide to verify and publish your smart contracts on Sourcify via remix IDE. Verifying smart contracts allows you to interact (read / write) with contract through Gather blockchain explorer.

STEP - 1

Open the remix IDE in your browser. Remix - Ethereum IDE

STEP - 2

Copy your contracts on remix IDE.

STEP - 3

Select and compile your contract which needs to be verified and published. (choose correct version of solidity compiler)

STEP - 4

Go to Sourcify section on IDE (Last item on the left navigation bar).

STEP - 5

Open Verifier dropdown, select chain (gather mainnet / gather testnet). Then select the compiled contract and enter contract address on the selected network.

STEP - 6

Click on verify button and wait for contract to be verified.

STEP - 7

Once verified you can also go to contract lookup section enter chain and contract address of your verified contract to check your verified contract.

STEP - 8

Now you can go to gather explorer (gather-mainnet / gather-testnet) and check you contracts, it should be verified and now should be able to read or write your contract from the explorer.

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