As Gather is a protocol, it is possible to have numerous autonomous "networks" that follow it but do not communicate with one another.

Networks are several Gather environments that you can use for development, testing, or production. Your Gather account will work across all networks, but your account balance and transaction history from the main Gather network will not be carried across. It's useful to know which networks are accessible and how to get testnet GTH so you can play about with it for testing reasons.


Anyone with an internet connection can access public networks from anywhere in the world. On a public blockchain, anyone can view or create transactions, as well as validate the ones that are being carried out. A consensus of peers decides on transaction agreements and the status of the network.


The primary public Gather production blockchain, where actual-value transactions are placed on the distributed ledger, is known as Mainnet. People and exchanges talk about Mainnet GTH when they talk about GTH prices.

Gather Mainnet Details:


Chain ID: 192837465

Block Explorer:


There are public testnets in addition to Mainnet. These are networks used by protocol developers or smart contract developers to test both protocol upgrades as well as potential smart contracts in a production-like environment before deployment to Mainnet. Consider the difference between production and staging servers.

GTH on testnets has no real value, hence there are no testnet GTH marketplaces. Most users receive testnet GTH through faucets because they need it to interact with Gather. The majority of faucets are web programs that allow you to enter an address to which GTH should be sent.

Gather has developed its own test network, which replicates all the protocols and functionalities of the Mainnet.

Gather Testnet Details:


Chain ID: 356256156

Block Explorer:

Faucet WebApp:

You can also use Ethereum-based public testnets (Rinkeby, Kovan, etc.) to test smart contracts as Gather supports most of the Ethereum protocols.

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